Sales conditions

ARTICLE 1 This contract concerns the tourist rental of the chalet Petit Le Petit Plus ’, 5 chemin du Bessey, 38114 Vaujany. It is a chalet of which floors 1 and 2 are for rental. The entrance is accessible by a staircase. On the first floor is a kitchen with an integrated dining room, 3 double bedrooms with their own bathroom (shower, sink, toilet) and a technical bedroom with water heater and ski boot heater. On the second floor, accessible by stairs, is the living room and the family room with bathroom (shower and sink) and toilet, for 6 people (2 double beds and on a mezzanine accessible by a miller’s staircase, 2 single beds) . There is, on the first floor level, a terrace and a private garden with jacuzzi.

ARTICLE 2 Booking. The reservation is only effective after receipt of the deposit (30% of the tenant price). The rental is validated after receipt of the balance, 1 month before arrival. The lessor leaves the right to confirm a reservation 48 hours after your online reservation request. In the case of a reservation by email or telephone, the deposit must be paid by bank transfer and the requested rental period will be reserved for you for a maximum of 72 hours. If the deposit is not completed after 72 hours, the reservation cannot be guaranteed.

ARTICLE 3 Cancellation by the tenant. The deposit is never refunded. Cancellation up to 30 days before arrival: 30% of the rental amount, i.e. the entire deposit paid. Less than 30 days before arrival: 100% of the rental amount. All cancellations must be confirmed by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. If the tenant does not appear within 24 hours of the arrival date indicated during the reservation, the owner can dispose of his lodging. The deposit also remains with the owner who will request the balance of the rental. If the stay is shortened, the rental price remains with the owner. There will be no refund.

ARTICLE 4 Cancellation by the owner. The owner pays the tenant all the sums paid in advance.

ARTICLE 5 Security deposit or deposit. 7 days before the arrival of the tenant, a security deposit of 100 eur / person with a ceiling of 1000 eur must be paid by bank transfer. After departure, and if no damage has been found, the amount of the security deposit will be refunded in full within 7 days. A deduction will be made from the delivery cost if damage has been noted. If the deposit proves to be insufficient, the tenant agrees to improve the amount after inventory of exit. The balance must be paid.

ARTICLE 6 Length of stay. The rental is for a fixed term and may under no circumstances claim any right to remain in the premises at the end of the stay.

ARTICLE 7 Arrival and departure. The tenant must show up on the first day of the rental between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. In the event of late or delayed arrival, the tenant must notify the owner. On the day of departure, the tenants must vacate the chalet no later than 10.00 a.m.

ARTICLE 8 State of play. An inventory is established and signed by the tenant and the owner or his representative on arrival and departure of the chalet. The inventory of places must be recognized and returned signed by the tenant within 24 hours of arrival. Any complaint concerning the leased premises and the inventory must be presented no later than the next morning of the day of arrival.

ARTICLE 9 State of cleanliness. The tenant must, on departure, leave the apartment tidy and in a good state of cleanliness. The crockery and the household appliances will also have to be cleaned, the waste will have to be put in the municipal bins. The cleaning of the premises in normal use is the responsibility of the owner. In the event of abnormal use of the premises, or exceptional soiling, the amount of the cleaning costs will be deducted from the amount of the security deposit.

ARTICLE 10 Use of premises. The tenant must ensure the peaceful nature of the rental and make use of it in accordance with the destination of the premises.

ARTICLE 11 The rental is established for a maximum capacity of 14 people. If the number of tenants exceeds the capacity, the owner can refuse additional people. Any modification or breach of the contract will be considered on the initiative of the client.

ARTICLE 12 Animals. Pets will only be accepted if the owner has given his consent before arrival.

ARTICLE 13 Insurance. The tenant is responsible for all damage caused by him. He has to be insured.

ARTICLE 14 Payment of charges. Water and electricity charges are included in the rental price for normal use. In the event of abnormal use, charges may be billed to the tenant.

ARTICLE 15 Theft and loss of personal belongings. The lessor declines all responsibility in the event of loss or theft of personal effects that may occur during the rental. The lessor obliges the lessee to also take out insurance policies subsequent to this engagement.

ARTICLE 16 Disputes. Any complaint relating to the rental will be dealt with by the competent court.

ARTICLE 17 Covid 19 – In case of impossibility to travel because of government travel restrictions, the owner agrees to refund the total amount paid by the customer (excl.any administrative costs)Disputes. Any complaint relating to the rental will be dealt with by the competent court.